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Still Got Game

Board games are often labeled as juvenile. After all, most of us can recall family games of Monopoly and Trouble from our childhoods. In the past few years, there’s been a sort of renaissance in board games—a rise in games aimed at adults. These five games serve as a crash course into the bizarre and alluring world of grown-up board games.

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Brunch With The World’s Brightest

A high IQ may warrant entry into a society of the world’s smartest thinkers, but being a Mensan doesn’t come without costs. Central Iowa’s most astute individuals talk stereotypes, family rivalries, and social isolation.

An eight-ounce container of low-fat yogurt contains 531 milligrams of potassium (a little over 100 milligrams more than a banana), plus vitamins B and D, protein, and calcium. Greek yogurt—the healthiest member of the yo-family—contains twice the protein of regular low-fat yogurts.
Flavored yogurt is full of corn syrup, food coloring, and artificial flavors, which can add 15 or more grams of sugar. According to the American Medical Association, there’s a positive correlation between added sugars and risk for diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.
Greek yogurt first. No-yo on a strict diet. Froyo on a bad day.
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Healthy or Harmful?

Science is indecisive. One minute a food is healthy, but the next day it’s deadly. Frankly, we’re sick of the contradictory claims, so we looked at the good and the bad and then decided for ourselves.

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Q&A with Trampled by Turtles

Bluegrass and folk jams are making mainstream waves, and Trampled by Turtles is part of the movement. Its latest album, “Stars and Satellites,” landed on the Billboard charts and sent the band on a nationwide tour. DrakeMag caught up with Ryan Young, TBT’s fiddler, before the band’s concert this fall at Wooly’s in Des Moines.