Bye Bye Bras

Words by Annie Peterson | Illustration by Princess Hart

Summer lets you ditch the wool sweaters and layers, but then you’re left with the age-old issue of how to pair bras with crop tops and backless dresses. The good news: you no longer need a different bra for every type of silhouette. Start using boob tape to support the girls — plus no more under-boob sweat.


To get the perfect lifted effect, measure a piece of tape from the top of your shoulder to under your breast. Once cut, start by securing the tape under your boob and lift into your preferred position, press
the tape down firmly as you reach your shoulder. Repeat on your other boob. If you need more support add a second or third strip to each.


Create a seamless bandeau- look without the constant drooping of material. Start with one strip near your armpit then pull horizontally on the bottom side of your boobs to the other armpit. Continue working your way up towards the nipples with as many strips as you feel comfortable with.

Best Practices

There are two common mistakes that go hand in hand: taping too tightly and taping too loosely. You
want to make sure the tape sticks and is secure but you don’t want to cause any discomfort. So, find a happy medium that will keep your boobs lifted but comfortable. And like everything, practice makes perfect.


Any tape removal from skin is intimidating but they are ways to make it less daunting. Start by rubbing your favorite oil or moisturizer along the tape to loosen the adhesive. Once removed, use more oil to clean off leftover residue and be sure to moisturize your skin.

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