Playing Footsie

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I sold pictures of my feet for a month and it was not easy

There are more men on the internet that have jacked off to my feet than I even know of. And all I have to show for it is $5.57 in my CashApp. 

See, over the past month I’ve been selling photos of my feet to strangers on the web to fulfill their fetish fantasies, which is more normal than you think. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, about 10% of the population has a foot fetish. So, it’s no surprise that an entire industry has popped up to help fulfil their sexual desire. And because the concept of selling pictures of my feet sounded easy on paper, I decided to give it a try. 

The Prep

Before I could start selling pictures of my piggies online, I needed to prepare them. I needed to put my best foot forward, literally. That meant research and beautification. So,  I bought  a foot peel mask, and while I let my feet “bake” for an hour and half in the wet, sock-like masks, I took a deep dive into the world of foot fetishes. 

First, I met with my new sex therapist and the Executive Director of The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance, Dr. Anna Randall. She helped me learn more about why people are so interested in pictures of feet and why some people, including myself, are so disgusted by them. 

“Everybody has different  input places for sexual desire and arousal to come through,” Dr. Randall said. “And I think that the idea of static foot photos is particularly great for people who are very static image attracted.”

Dr. Randall explained that some people often develop foot fetishes because of a positive memory or an association of joy. Others may develop this fetish because the area in our brain that controls our feet and genitals are close together.  Dr. Randall also described the disgust that many people have around feet is closely tied to the pleasure that others gain from them. 

“The more aroused we get—it decreases our disgust response. So arousal is directly related to [disgust]. So when we get horny, we don’t think so much that gross things are quite as gross,” Dr. Randall said.

A few days after meeting with Dr. Randall, the skin between my toes began to peel and before I knew it, I was shedding like a snake. I was ready to put the finishing touches on my tootsies: polish. I found many people with foot fetishes want to worship other people’s feet. So, I decided on a deep purple color. A color that symbolizes power.  

While the polish dried, I did some research. I discovered that people enjoy a wide variety of photos. From clean to dirty, smooth to wrinkled, small to big, there is a market for literally every type of foot. Every foot is beautiful. I learned that photos are priced – on average – anywhere from $5 to $100. And that most people won’t make thousands of dollars doing this, despite the way it appears online. 

Yeah, all this research was great, but I felt like I had too much. I needed someone to help me make a plan and guide me through the process. So, I consulted a foot photo seller of six years, Deej, and the author of Feet Deets, a “How to sell Feet Pics EBook” to get some advice. 

“Just starting out you need to understand this is not easy overnight cash. It takes weeks, if not months of consistency to start seeing sales. Even once you have sales coming in you need to stay on top of your replies, hashtags, posting daily, etc,” Deej said. 

Deej and I decided that I would start off on OnlyFans, a platform for users to buy and sell private images and videos. She suggested I upload a few photos to OnlyFans and market them on Twitter. We also decided I would put a $5 price tag on my feet, a competitive price for custom photos. 

The Rules

My last step before I could officially sell off my feet: setting some ground rules. 

  1. No giving out any personal information. I didn’t know who I would encounter and I wanted to protect myself. So, I created a pseudonym  —Dakota Mae—and a whole brand for her. I made Dakota a Gmail, Twitter, OnlyFans, Snapchat, and a Reddit. I found a free stock image for her profile photo that looked legit and went undercover.
  2. The photos would strictly be of my feet. This meant I would decline any offer for nudes, photos of other body parts, or literally anything that wasn’t my feet. While I know full well that the occasional scandalous photo might result in a spike in business, it also opens the floodgate to a place I just don’t feel comfortable going. Besides, the feet are the star of this show. 
  3. If I was feeling at all uncomfortable or nervous, I could end my experiment. 

The Selling

I posted my first few photos of my feet on OnlyFans, tweeted that they were up, and waited. And waited. And waited. It was complete silence. No one was taking the bait. The free photos that I put out there each day for all my potential fans to see received zero responses after a week. Not even a view. Luckily, Deej and I planned for this. So, I turned to my backup plan: Reddit. 

I joined a foot pics sub reddit (r/feetpics) in order to find some loyal customers. And to my surprise, it worked. Reddit was my godsend, my savior, my feet guardian angel. Despite Reddit’s  rules that prevented me from flat out saying “I AM SELLING FEET PICTURES PLEASE BUY THEM,” I received a lot of positive feedback. And started to see some potential customers.  

I made my first Reddit post titled,  “Just painted my toenails dark purple…a color that symbolizes power…what do you think? Comments and PM/DMs Open 😉,”  and received multiple comments and messages right away. It was thrilling. I was on a high. People wanted to buy my feet. 

I responded as fast as I could to these gentlemen, only to find that many of them either (a) didn’t want to pay (b) wanted to scam me or (c) just wanted to show me their penis. After messaging five men, one of them proved to be legit.  And while I was a little nervous, I jumped  in feet first, and gave him Dakota’s Snapchat and CashApp. After a few Snapchats, my customer— we can call him Reid—was ready to purchase. 

Reid told me that he was at work, but had a lot of experience “wanking” at work, and would take a bathroom break for my feet. He sent me $5.57, the price I decided for a custom photo plus the CashApp fee, and an unannounced photo of himself “wanking” on the toilet. I shuddered, but continued. I slipped on leggings, dug my toes in my white sheets, and snapped my first profitable pic. 

Reid approved and told me he would be interested in becoming a recurring customer, if I could do some nude. Ugh. That would break my second rule. I told him I wouldn’t and he blocked me. There goes my first customer. 

The Drought

After my first sale I was feeling high and mighty. Like I could do anything. Just an hour after my first post on Reddit and I was $5.57 richer. I thought, “Wow, this is easy.” I was so naive. 

I made another Reddit post. This one titled “Happy Monday! :p I’m still pretty new here…what do you think? Comments and DMs/PMs Open 😉” I again received DMs within minutes of posting. 

Straight_Mirror4226: those feet😍😍

Attaman420: They look amazing I would worship them and let you rub my entire body with those sexy feet

Idlikethat122: heyyy weird question lol do you ever step on or kill bugs lol?? like with shoes on obviously. if ya do, next time video it and i’ll buy it? would pay to see ya step on a bug… 

Angrylamp01: hi! you have super pretty feet <3 this might be a weird question, but are you ticklish?

Crimson-n05: Uh hi, do you play chess by any chance?

After following up with each of these users, I was left with an unsolicited dick pic, conversations that came to a halt as soon as I warned them I wouldn’t be sending any free photos, a screenshot of a bank account, two virtual chess game wins (it was weird and completely unrelated to foot fetishes, unbeknownst to me), and someone asking me to kill a bug. But no new sales. 

I continued this routine every few days for a couple more weeks. Snap a photo of my feet, make a Reddit post, respond to DMs, and try to make a sale. I tried different angles of my feet, wrinkling my feet, and even lowering my already low prices from $5 to $2.  But every conversation went flat. I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong. Did I just have beginner’s luck before? 

When I asked my guru, Deej, what to do, she said I needed to put more work into it.

“This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and I wouldn’t recommend putting all your eggs in one basket. You need to be consistent,” Deej said. “When I started, I lived on my computer, marketing myself at least 40 hours a week because I wanted to build a solid income source.”

But we both knew that I was just doing this as an experiment. I had other priorities and I couldn’t spend the time necessary to really grow my foot business. I only had the time to dip my toes in.

While the concept may seem simple, the hustle is not. It takes a lot of time, work, and energy to start to see a real net gain. I commend those that do this work— it’s tough. I’ll probably keep up this side gig in the future, and hopefully make another sale. Because, at the end of the day, I did have fun. I experienced a whole new world—and I bought Starbucks with my $5.57.

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