Wonder Woman without a Razor: Reviewed Shaving Techniques

Shaving can be a relatively dramatic event — we have to make sure that there are no cuts, blood, or extra patches of hair left. These are just a few of the worries when it comes to removing hair on your body. Waxing has been a go to for some women, but it can be painful … So what are the options? Some new alternatives have been released and some even claim to be painless. Here’s a few options to try:

Pain level chart:

  1. 10 = Can’t stand the pain, it hurts too much!
  2. 5 = Okay, I can stand this but it still sucks.
  3. 1 = Can barely feel a thing.

Effectiveness chart:

  1. 10 = I’m hair free and as smooth as a babies bottom.
  2. 5 = Okay, some missed little rows of hairs but still pretty good.
  3. 1 = I’m still a gorilla.

Five Unique Methods:


  1. Waxing Strips: This may be one of the more painful options, but it’s said that using Veet strips is the best. I personally tried them, and my experience was terrible as I ripped the sheet off my leg and all the wax stayed on my leg. The experience was like getting your teeth pulled and the moment right after one is out — there is throbbing and pain in the affected area.
    1. Pain level: 7
    2. Effectiveness: 3
    3. Price: $4-9
  2. “Painless” Waxing Beads: These beads are referred to as “painless” and instead of having a sheet or strip attached, you just paint the wax right onto your legs. For this method purchasing a wax heater/warmer is recommended. A review by a girl named Grace, commented “even though it said it was painless, it still slightly hurt when I pulled the beads off.” It feels almost like a rough scratch on your leg, but isn’t painless even though it advertises as so.
    1. Pain level: 5
    2. Effectiveness: 5
    3. Price: $12 for a bag, $25-30 for the heater

  3. Sugaring Waxing: This technique is a DIY that is extremely similar to the waxing beads. The recipe is just lemon, water, and sugar. All that has to be done for this is to mix it together while using hot water and then apply it to the area. It only sticks to the hair rather than your skin, so it’s less painful. Bustle reviewed this and said, “The first few sections hurt a lot until I got used to the sensation.” All in all, it seems to be like the Veet strips, and isn’t very effective for long-term issues.
    1. Pain level: 7
    2. Effectiveness: 4
    3. Price: $12-18 for pre-made packs
  4. Laser Hair Removal: This may be a slightly painful method to try out as lasers make sure that hair never comes back on your body. The pain feels like a mini rubber band, but it’s only effective short-term. Is the price worth it? Probably not, unless you want to constantly be zapped by lasers.
    1. Pain level: 4
    2. Effectiveness: 5
    3. Price: $350-500
  5. No Shaving: This is the easiest, simplest form of shaving – and while it seems “taboo” to some in our society, it’s becoming a trend. First off, it doesn’t hurt at all! It gives a little confidence, and you become closer to loving you — including the extra hair.
    1. Pain level: 0
    2. Effectiveness: 10
    3. Price: Free!


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