4 Ways to Keep Your 2020 Resolutions Alive

5 balloons over a person's head, and one popped
Illustration by Emily Bondura

Everyone has been there—January is over, and you are feeling less motivated to continue with your New Year’s resolution(s). Good news is, you are not alone.

According to U.S.News, approximately 80% of people give up on their resolution after the second week of February. What’s that 20% of people’s secret? Well, we don’t exactly know, so here are a few minor steps to help pull you through your 2020 resolutions.

Set small goals

The smaller the goal, the more likely it’ll be achieved. Thinking too big and too soon can lead to exhaustion quickly after January 1. If a goal is to eat healthier, changing the entirety of a diet in one day is not going to make any progress that will stick. Instead, start off by replacing one small habit with a better, more positive one. Instead of a side of chips, replace it with an apple. Instead of a sugary drink, try water. The little things matter.

Surround yourself with a positive group of people

It is important to not only have a group of friends to empower you and your achievements, but also support you when you fall short of your desired goal.

Find new ways to motivate yourself

Try creating a mood board or construct a new way to revamp your resolution. One of the biggest mistakes people make is redoing their resolution completely. It is a great idea to keep yourself inspired, but don’t change your original mission in the meantime. Somehow managing to re-inspire yourself with the same goal in mind can help make you successful all while making the resolution more fun to achieve.

Allow yourself to fail

It is only human to fail every now and again. Going into a goal or resolution with the mindset that you will never fail is unhealthy and unrealistic. Understand that you will have good days and bad days, but if you stick to it, your resolution is at the end of the road no matter what.

A resolution does not need to start at the beginning of the month, year or even decade.

Resolutions can start or restart at any time. So, if you mess up one day, start over the next.

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