Monochromatic Moments

Feel as though your makeup routine has gotten dull and is in need of some TLC? Adding some warm hues and pretty blues can do just that! Keep your look fresh and unique with these three easy, monochromatic makeup looks.

Erin wears the Graphic Goddess style.

Graphic Goddess: Get dramatic with this look. Using an eyeliner pencil or an angled brush with eyeshadow, draw out a normal wing along your lash line. Starting at the end of the wing, draw another line that sits right above your crease for a graphic look. Finish the look with a lipstick to match. 

Skye wears the Sunset Sweetheart look with confidence.

Sunset Sweetheart: Wear the sunset on your eyes with this bold look. Sweep orange eyeshadow on the inner half of your lids, then blend it out with yellow. Don’t be shy — blend the yellow all the way to your temples. Finish the look with a clear lip gloss and you’re good to go!

Erin blushes in the Lash Lift makeup look.

Lash Lift: Who said mascara had to be boring? Step it up a notch with a colored mascara. Fully commit to the colored look, or layer it over regular black mascara for a more subtle look. Bonus points if it matches your blush! 

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