How to Best Prepare Your Skin for the Winter

Illustration by Hannah Cohen.

Winter is upon us, which means the tan glowing skin we once had months ago is gone. Those with naturally dry skin, the harsh cold makes your skin ever drier. If you have oily skin, your face will produce more oil to make up for the moisture it is lacking. Keep the confidence in your skin with these five easy skincare tips.

Moisturize Consistently 

Applying moisturizer is such an easy step to forget, it can be a game changer. Be sure to apply a moisturizer day and night. Adding this to your post-shower routine is best, since skin tends to be more absorbent during that time.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Just because the temperatures are low, doesn’t mean the sun’s rays are not well and alive. Applying sunscreen daily protects your skin from harmful UV rays and enhances the health of your skin (it also helps prevent wrinkles, so get on it).

Take Shorter Showers

We all know how good it feels to hop in a warm shower on a cold day, but this does more harm than good for your skin since the hot water leaves your skin miserably dry. Take shorter, colder showers and be sure to pat your skin dry.

Use an Exfoliant

There’s a chance your skin can be crying out for more breathing room. Using an exfoliant one to two times a week can help your skin slough off the dead skin cells and reveal the healthy glowing layer that’s underneath.

Drink Water

Water is often the last thing you reach for during cold weather, but it is crucial for happy skin. Drinking water helps your digestive system get rid of toxins and can improve your overall complexion. Eating fruits/vegetables that have a lot of water in them (watermelon, strawberries and celery), drinking tea or flavored waters are other ways to spice up your water intake.

With some minor changes to your daily routine, you can look and feel just as good in your skin as you do in the summer.

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