Express Yourself in Style

Are you shy? Outgoing? Passionate? Don’t worry, your tote bag says it all for you.

Words by Kylie Petty | Photo by Kate Elstrom

Artist merch tote

You’re clearly very passionate about this artist and want everyone to know it before they talk to you.

Promotional tote

You’re practical. You probably got this tote at an event or a thrift store — or for free — but you know how to use what you get.

Homemade tote

You’re artistic and like to flaunt your style. You know what you like and you’ll stick to it — unless you’re struck with inspiration.

Canvas tote

You’re in with the trends but pick and choose which ones to follow. You appreciate a good picnic and are always down for an iced latte.

Durable work tote

You’re fashionable and always on the go. You don’t have time for a backpack or purse. You need easy access to everything at all times and a bag you can rely on.

Foldable tote

You’re probably into environmentalism. You recycle, compost, and might even be a vegetarian. You’re passionate about bettering the world, but are often subtle about it.

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