Beautify Your Boudoir

Photo courtesy of Hannah Gromen

Looking for a way to boost your confidence and capture your own beauty? Give DIY boudoir photography a try.

Boudoir photography is the art of capturing romantic or sensual images of a person frequently in a bedroom or dressing room. This style of photography used to be a bit taboo, but as society’s view of sex and sexuality has shifted, boudoir has become a symbol of personal empowerment and sensuality. Originally, boudoir was shot to be gifted to a spouse or a significant other. Although gifting boudoir to a lover is still popular, many people now try boudoir as a gift to themselves. 

Julie Busich has been a professional photographer for fifteen years, and has been shooting boudoir specifically for six year. Shooting boudoir is so rewarding and such a transformational experience,” Busich said. 

Unlike a lot of traditional modeling, boudoir focuses on confidence and body positivity. “My clients are such a mixture of ages and sizes and I love that. Body positivity is really something that the boudoir community has picked up and ran with it,” Busich said.

 Boudoir is for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, race, gender-identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, etc. Boudoir is about loving and feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Tips for getting started with do-it-yourself boudoir:

Utilize natural lighting for that golden hour glow.


Chances are that if you’re trying out DIY boudoir for the first time, you do not have access to studio-quality lighting. No problem! Utilize the natural lighting available to you. Golden hour (the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset) provides flattering warm-toned light.

Your lingerie can be as simple as a white button-up.


What you wear for our shoot is completely up to you. Boudoir does not have to include high-end lingerie.

 “A shoot can look just as beautiful in an oversized sweater falling off the shoulder as it can in lingerie. The comfort level is up to the client. If I’ve learned anything is that if the client is uncomfortable it shows on camera,” Busich said.

 So wear what you feel the most confident and sensual in. Here are some suggestions to try out:

  • Underwear and a bra (it doesn’t have to match or be fancy)
  • Boxers 
  • Lingerie (check Ross or TJ Maxx for affordable options)
  • White t-shirt
  • An open button down shirt
  • A big sweater/sweatshirt
  • Your Birthday suit (if you feel comfortable, why not!)
When it comes to makeup, do whatever you feel sexiest in.


Makeup, like outfits, is about what makes you comfortable. Whether you wear it or not depends on your comfort level or general interest (or lack thereof) in makeup. Should you choose to include make up in your shoot, here are some tips on makeup styles that pair well with certain themes and colors.

  • A smokey eye or heavy eyeliner pairs well with red, black, and silver themes and gives a more sultry look.
  • Natural makeup pairs well with neutral tones and pastels.
  • Glam makeup pairs well with gold/warm metallic tones, pinks, and shades of navy blue.
  • No makeup pairs well with everything, your natural beauty is a compliment to anything you might wear (or not wear).
Don’t be afraid to mess around with editing in order to get the shot just right.


Editing your boudoir photos is not about adjusting the way you look, it’s about touching up lighting, cropping out that stray sock, and maybe switching to black and white.

 “I’m a big proponent for not photoshopping my clients body shape, scars, or smoothing skin. This is something I’ve really been big on in the last couple of years. I’m here to show them how beautiful they are naturally,” Busich said. 

Here are some free apps for IOS that can help you adjust lighting, crop the frame, and add filters:

  • Adobe Lightroom (free on iPhone and iPad)
  • VSCO
  • PicsArt 
  • Photoshop Express


Here are a few extra poses to help inspire you to put on that sexy lingerie set and try it out for yourself.

Go for the shy, over the should pose if you are wanting a more subtle look.
Don’t be afraid to tighten up that corset. Get creative with your lingerie.
Nothing screams sexy like a red feather robe.

Special thanks to The Whistler Studio for letting us use their studio.

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