The Truth About Anal Sex

There are many ways to have sex, and to please your partner, one of these ways is anal sex. Now, I understand if you just took a pause, many people do when they read those words. Anal sex is a prevalent and normal way for many people to have sex. This does include both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

In a recent study, published in 2015 by the Journal of Sex and Medicine, researchers analyzed data from the National Survey of Family Growth, with included a sample of 10,463 heterosexual women between the ages of 15 and 44. This survey was to see how common anal intercourse was amongst heterosexual women.

Over 36 percent of women, reported having tried anal sex in their lifetimes. Yet, only 13.2 percent said they had it within the past 12 months. The women who have had anal sex fit multiple trends such as having no religious affiliation, along with having higher levels of both income and education. This may come as a shock, at first, because anal sex has been stereotypically known for only members of the male homosexual community, and that is simply is not true anymore.

Another study, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more heterosexual couples, under the age of 45, are having more anal sex. The study found 44 percent of men and 36 percent of women stated they have had anal sex with an opposite-sex partner at least once in their lives.

With anal sex becoming more prevalent, and sex becoming something that should be talked about more and more, a reader of Drake Mag sent her own personal anal sex story.

The Sharpie Story

I met this guy via Tinder, and we had gone out a few times. He was cute, and I enjoyed the things we did together; box, get ice cream, hang out and you know, other stuff. One night we were in my car and we decided to pull over behind a barn, off the road we were driving on. We pulled over so we could enjoy each other, if you know what I mean. He knew I wasn’t okay with vaginal sex, and that was something I stood by. However, I really wanted to please him because, well, he was attractive. When we were in the middle of messing around, I told him if he wanted to, we could have anal sex. He was surprised, but very interested. He really wanted to, but I was so tight that he couldn’t fit himself inside of me.

We were working on loosening me up, and instead of using his hand, or fingers, he looked around and found a sharpie lying on the floorboard of my car. This was a normal black sharpie, nothing extravagant like a Sharpie Pro. He picked it up and with the cap pointed toward himself, he worked it inside my ass, and proceeded to loosen me up so we could have anal. Regardless, it worked, and the rest is history.

Signed “Sharpie Girl” 

Fun stories can introduce important topics, especially topics that are not discussed often. With anal sex rates on the rise, it’s important to keep yourself safe. Below is a list of four major things you can do to protect yourself from the risk of infections from anal sex, and still ensuring you and your partner are having fun.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communicate with your partner before, during and after the act. By talking to your partner, you’re able to control what feels good and what doesn’t. It’ll also make it easier to discuss what kind of protection to use and what your HIV and/or STD status is. This allows for a carefree, stress-free, sexy time.

Use Protection

Whether you’re having anal sex with someone of the opposite sex, or the same sex, protection is still important in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections. HIV, HPV, and many other STIs can still be transmitted through anal sex. The Centers for Disease Control released an anal sex summary where they still stress that anal sex is the highest-risk sexual behavior for HIV transmission. Remember to use a condom for penetration and a dental dam for oral. I know it may sound silly, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

Keep it Clean

This one, I cannot stress enough… do not insert the penis or fingers inside the vagina or mouth after it has been inside the anus. This not only spreads STIs, but it can spread fecal bacteria that can lead to dangerous, and yucky, infections inside the mouth and vagina. So before moving on to another act, shower, or at least, wipe down with soap and water.

Take it Slow…and Use Lube

The anus doesn’t stretch the same way the vagina does, so take it slow. Use fingers or your mouth to warm up the area. Take your time, and not everything needs to happen all in one night. Anal sex can be a process, what matters is that everyone involved feels comfortable and good. Use a lot of lube, and take it slow, slow, slow. Take it at the pace you need to because then it’ll end with orgasms for everyone.

To learn more about how to have safe sex, in any of its forms, talk to your doctor or your local health provider. You can also consult online websites such as Planned Parenthood. Anal sex can be a fun, interesting, wild and pleasurable experience if both partners are open to communication, protection, keeping it clean and taking it slow. Three cheers for good and fun anal sex.

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