Holly Jolly Cocktails

Baby, it’s cold outside, which means it’s the perfect time for holiday cocktails. Nothing gets you in the holly jolly spirit like some holly jolly spirits. Impress your friends with these cocktails at your next Secret Santa party.

Mulled Wine 

This classic European holiday treat will make you feel warm and cozy this holiday season. Mulled wine, a type of alcoholic cider, is easy to prepare. Take your favorite dry red wine, add your favorite spices—think cinnamon, cloves, or anise—and simmer. This warm drink is perfect after a cold day out with friends and only takes 20 minutes to prepare.

Holiday Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules can be enjoyable year-round, but these cocktails can be extra delectable during the holidays with added cranberries to make it look like mistletoe. Made with ginger beer, your gin or vodka of choice, cranberry juice, and optional garnishes, this drink takes five minutes to make and is sure to be refreshing.

Peppermint Patty

If candy canes and hot chocolate are your holiday essentials, look no further than the Peppermint Patty. Take your favorite hot chocolate mix, add some peppermint schnapps, and you’ve created a warm, minty holiday delight. For extra flavor, add chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and peppermint candies or candy canes to garnish.

Salted Caramel Apple Martini

If you prefer a blend of savory and sweet in your desserts, a salted caramel apple martini is the drink for you. This liquid version of a caramel apple is simple to make and only requires five minutes, your favorite apple cider, caramel vodka (or schnapps), and caramel sauce. Simply mix the ingredients in a shaker and pour over ice to serve. For a true martini experience, add salt or brown sugar around the rim of your glass.

Bonus: Eggnog Ice Cubes

Eggnog ice cubes can enhance any beverage and give it some holiday cheer. Eggnog ice cubes go well in milky, sweet drinks and can add flare to a milkshake or cool down a particularly warm chai tea. To add a little edge, try your favorite cocktail with spiked eggnog ice cubes.

Drake Magazine reminds you to drink responsibly. Don’t indulge unless you’re 21 or older.