Handle Bars

Biker bars are evolving. Growling motors are being replaced with pedals, pumps, and a beer-loving community of cyclists. Give legs a break, and check out one of these biking-inspired bars.

Rendezvous Lounge

Adel, Iowa

Located along the Raccoon River Valley Trail, Rendezvous is a convenient pit stop for riders needing to replenish. Cool down in the beer tub, a galvanized tub of water for weary bikers to relax in. Or hop on the bike-blending hybrid trainer that owner Doug Kintzle created to concoct a fresh margarita with every pedal.

Lineage Brewing

Plymouth, Ohio

What’s better than a beer that keeps on giving? Lineage Brewing features a specialty brew for bikers called the Trail Day Ale. A portion of the proceeds from the limited-edition beer go to a local mountain biking campaign. Free-wheelin’ customers also have reserved parking at Lineage’s new bike racks, ensuring bicycles are safe while cyclists unwind after a ride on the Olentangy Trail.

Windmill Pointe Brewing Co.


Windmill Pointe Brewing relies on Pedal-Powered Beer, a system the owners designed to produce electricity. Stationary bikes are set up in the tap room, where energy from pedaling patrons is converted into electricity and stored in a battery. The power is then used to heat water for brewing. Windmill Pointe’s ecofriendly brewing style makes it the perfect spot to drink sustainably and feel good about it.

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