2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Don’t get stuck fighting the crowds this year because you waited until the last minute to start your holiday shopping. From the editors of Drake Magazine, these handpicked gifts—perfect for any holiday this season—are sure to impress all the people in your life from your crazy Packers-loving Uncle Mike to your crafty cousin Abby to everyone in between.

For the one who lives for happy hour

Beer Cap Map USA, $35

Any beer lover will appreciate this creative display. Instead of tossing caps in the trash, beer drinkers can reuse the caps to create a fun map. The map features small, tooth-like clips that hold bottle caps in place. The value of the display just can’t be capped.

Wine Tumbler, $6.99

Wine glasses just aren’t practical. Allow the winos in your life to take their beverages on the go. This double-walled tumbler boasts all the classic features of a wine glass with all the practicality and durability of a coffee mug. The best part? It’s spill-proof. Bottoms up!

Mini Barrel Cork Catcher, $34.95

This cute wine cork holder features a small chalkboard for festive messages and is too cute to resist. This cork holder may be small, but it’s guaranteed to add character to any wine lover’s home.

For the one with more recipes than friends

Tasty Cookbook, $24-35

No one can resist those Tasty videos on Facebook. Be honest—you’ve stopped scrolling just to watch a recipe that made your mouth water, even if you didn’t have any intention of ever making it. But now, you can get inspired to bring these creations to life with Tasty’s official (customizable) cookbook, and minimize the chance of accidentally dripping pasta sauce on your phone.

DIY Sushi Kit, $30

Know someone whose sushi habit is so advanced it warrants an intervention? We do… (hint: it’s us). Enable them to get their fix from home with this chic kit. It includes everything they need to create their own rolls, complete with ingredients and recipes. And best of all, there’s no one to judge over clumsy chopstick skills.

Foodie Dice, $20-34

These are great for the friend who rolls her eyes at recipes and pulls together fantastic feasts without batting an eye. These dice sets come with varying themes, including seasonal meals, desserts, Asian bowls, and paleo meals. It’s all luck of the roll with these dice, so your favorite cooking connoisseur can have fun challenging themselves by cooking with unusual food combinations.

For the one with a Wired subscription

Popsocket, $10

For the person who’s hand is permanently attached to their phone, a Popsocket can help them get a grip. This small, versatile product “pops” onto your device and serves almost any purpose—from helping you hold your phone during those large group selfies to acting as a stand for your phone when you want to stream Netflix on the go.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, $35.99

With Apple nixing the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, it’s not long before regular headphones are a thing of the past. Get ahead of the curve and go wireless with these headphones that provide quality sound—without breaking the bank.

Remote Control Millennium Falcon, $95

For the Star Wars super fans in your life—because we know you have more than one. Help them fulfill their lifelong dreams of flying the iconic Star Wars Millennium Falcon with this toy that provides the fun of a drone without the price. The child in all of them will be so geeked—and if we’re being honest, they will be, too.

For the one who’s always in pajamas on Friday night

Homesick Candles, $29.95

Sometimes you just miss the smell of home. A Homesick Candle encourages your favorite homebody to embrace the aroma of their home state with a classic candle. With an average burn time of 60 to 80 hours, the one who misses home will surely appreciate the thought, and the low cost will be appreciated by your wallet.

I’m Real Sheet Mask, 11-pack, $12

There are few things in life better than curling up to a movie on a Saturday night with a glass of wine and bag of popcorn. Why not take care of your skin while you’re at it? Each of the masks in this set have different benefits, but they all guarantee a relaxing night. Your homebody will thank you—if they break from their Netflix binge, that is.

HappyTab, $32.95

This iPad holder makes watching Mean Girls for the millionth time much more comfortable for anyone who doesn’t want to leave the couch. The HappyTab iPad case comes in many fun designs and colors.

For the road trip junkie

S’well Water Bottles, $25-45

Not only are these double-insulated water bottles absolutely beautiful, they’re also super durable and practical. They keep cold liquids cold for 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 12, no joking around. In addition, S’well has donated $20,000 to UNICEF in the last two years. This is one gift you can feel good about giving.

AutoArk Car Storage Basket, $19.97

Keep your favorite adventurer organized while they’re on the road with this convenient trunk organizer. It comes in multiple colors and keeps every travel necessity in place.

Working Compass Necklace, $18+

Travelers don’t often have much room for knickknacks, but they’ll probably be willing to make an exception for this one. This functional compass necklace will make sure your wanderlust-afflicted friend can always find their way around—and look good doing it.

For the one with too many Pinterest boards

Handwriting Necklace, $39+

Turn a loved one’s handwriting into a piece of jewelry your recipient will treasure. Simply submit a piece of handwriting, and it comes back stamped on a chic bar necklace. You seriously can’t go wrong with this one.

Cross Stitch Patterns, $2.99

Yes, these are the things your grandma might have framed on the wall. A far cry from “Bless Our Home,” these cute cross stitch patterns are sure to keep your favorite DIYer occupied as the gift that keeps on giving. And they might even make something for you, too.

Calligraphy Starter Kit, $28

This starter kit teaches the basics of calligraphy to any beginner. The kit includes a pen, practice pages, and paper, so they can start stealing creating inspirational quotes for your Instagram right away.

For the one with the foam finger

Chicago Cubs WinCraft Flag, $37.99

After 108 long years, the time has come. The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series, and the world should never forget. Help your recipient show their lifelong Cubbie pride or help them hop on the bandwagon—we won’t judge—with this classic way to celebrate a Cubs’ victory. Fly the W—literally.

Stance Socks, $10-20

As the official sock brand of the NBA, these socks are a hot item. They come in many styles, including collegiate-themed, pop culture-themed, and even various performance levels for serious athletes. On the court or on the couch, Stance Socks are where it’s at.

NFL Deluxe Quad Chair, $29.99

Your favorite football fan will love watching the big game in their new favorite chair. The NFL Deluxe Quad Chair features a cup holder, the team logo, and a carrying bag with a printed team graphic. This chair is a prime seat for tailgating, camping, and, of course, watching the game.