Why Rocky Keeps Rolling

What keeps theaters showing The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the stage-musical-turned-movie, over 40 years after its release? The cult following. Audiences frequent their local movie theaters several times a year to revel in the movie tradition. On Saturday night we’re having a good time, singing along and dancing while dressed up looking fabulous,” says Ruth Fink-Winter, head of the Completely Crazylive cast for Rocky Horror in suburban Chicago.There’s the opportunity to be slinky, sexy, menacing, powerful, naughty, she says.

Rocky Horror has become a monthly midnight tradition for anyone who considers themselves different. Hollywood Boulevard theater in Woodridge, Illinois, has hosted the Completely CrazyRocky Horror cast for more than a decade. “Rocky Horror is a community, and we get to have a great time with our friends in convivial surroundings, and give people someplace to let their freak flag fly,Fink-Winter says. It’s the ever-inclusive community of Rocky Horror that has made this movie live on through the years and lead such a legacy.

The "Completely Crazy" Rocky Horror cast performs every Saturday night in Woodbridge, Illinois.

The “Completely Crazy” Rocky Horror cast performs every Saturday night in Woodridge, Illinois. Photo courtesy of Ruth Fink-Winter.

Its really more of a lifestyle than a movie, says Kev Boycik, administrative services manager for Cleveland Cinemas in Ohio, which show the film monthly. “Its not cliquey, and its not hard to get into. This is something I dig. These are the kind of people I want to be around.”

Rocky Horror is a place where people can celebrate who they truly are, which keeps people coming back for more. This film has been bringing people out of their shells, providing a safe, fun place for the different,Fink-Winter says. The ongoing legacy is preserved by new Broadway revivals and most recently, a live television production. Keep those freak flags flying.