Update Your Playlist

While Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is usually on point, that doesn’t mean it’s always getting all the songs exactly right. Here are a few bands that may not have made it onto the top 100 playlists quite yet, but it won’t be too long until they’re the number one hit.  These are the up and comers, the ones that are just waiting to make it big, and all they need is a few more listeners.

If you like My Chemical Romance, try As It Is:

This new pop punk band from the United Kingdom is finally making a splash in the U.S. With their first EP, “Never Happy, Ever After,” out now in the States, As It Is has been gaining popularity in the pop punk scene as of late. Fun throwbacks to classic ‘90s pop punk, songs like “Speak Soft” and “Concrete” take us back to a simpler time of teenage angst. But don’t forget the power in a rock ballad. Those who enjoy powerful guitar and lyrics, or even a classic acoustic ballad, will appreciate “My Oceans Were Lakes” and “You the Room, and the Devil On Your Shoulder.” The group uses very little, if any, audio editing in the recording process, so what you hear through your headphones is what you hear live. With an astounding stage presence and high energy performances, As It Is should not only be a band to add to your playlist but also one to add to your concert bucket list.

If you like A Day to Remember, try I Prevail:

While this punk band from Michigan caught its break from a hardcore punk cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” I Prevail has demonstrated a massive amount of diversity in their music. From the hard-hitting “Face Your Demons” to the pulls-on-your-heartstrings “My Heart I Surrender,” I Prevail’s songs can compete with the best. For those just starting to appreciate the harder forms of rock, try delving in with this band and its dedicated members, who put everything they have into their performances and their music. Keep an eye out for I Prevail’s next album, “Lifelines,” out on October 21.

If you like Twenty One Pilots, try Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard:

If you’re looking for the next bass-thumping, window-shaking party anthem, this group is the gold standard. Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard stand on a middle ground between classic hip-hop and heavy alternative. This is the kind of music you blast to get you pumped at the gym or when the party needs a little extra boost. For songs to give you that extra oomf, turn up “Go Forever” or “Cuz They Get It.”

If you like The Fray, try Abandoning Sunday:

This is the kind of band that lets you escape from reality for a while. Abandoning Sunday is reminiscent of the softer rock that we all remember growing up when the Plain White T’s could be heard on the radio regularly. Take a nostalgia-driven trip down memory lane to simpler times where alternative rock was a combination of acoustic and electric guitars with clean vocals and a timeless message. The best way to experience Abandoning Sunday is simply to start by listening to the top two hits, “Patience” and “Miles and States,” which will speak to any alternative fan. Then just sit back and wonder: Whatever did happen to Delilah?

If you like Sheryl Crow, try Caitlyn Smith:

Any true playlist wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of country. Caitlyn Smith took the country charts by storm when her single “Starfire” landed on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. And don’t just stop at at her biggest hit. Give “Everything to You” a listen, too. While she follows some of the trends in the current pop-country scene, she still sticks to the fundamentals of country music and creates a pure sound that will have every country fan wishing they were back home listening to the Dixie Chicks and early Sheryl Crow songs with mom.

Want to give these artists a try? Check out our Spotify playlist: