LGBTQ+ Valentine’s Playlists

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But even in 2019, the holiday, filled with hearts and roses and fancy dinners, remains overly heteronormative. Valentine’s cards aren’t made for same-sex couples, and neither are a majority of popular love songs. But don’t worry. We’ve created three Valentines playlists just for LGBTQ+ folks. Whether you’re celebrating a romantic Valentine’s Day, feeling sexy, or still recovering after a breakup, you’ll find something to relate to in these songs by queer artists for queer people.

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Coupled + In Love

Mary Lambert is the queen of soft lesbian love songs. First known by some as a featured artist in Macklemore’s 2012 hit “Same Love,” Lambert has a collection of heartfelt love songs of her own such as “She Keeps Me Warm” and “I’d Be Your Wife.” While Lambert is swooning over girls, Australian singer Troye Sivan is falling for boys in songs like “For him” and “Animal”. So whoever you’ve fallen for, this is the perfect playlist for the perfect person because, we get it, you’re in love. Listen to Coupled + In Love here.

Feelin’ Flirty

Christine and the Queens does not shy away from the sexual. In her newest album Chris, the pansexual French singer frequently touches on female intimacy, making some of her songs the perfect addition to a sexy playlist. Lesbian singer King Princess falls into the same category, with explicit songs, such as “Holy” and “Pussy is God”, that often relate her queerness to religion. So, whether you’re having a fun night out with friends, hooking up with someone cute, or gettin’ down with yourself, this playlist is the perfect combination of funky and flirtatious.    Listen to Feelin’ Flirty here.

Breakup Babes

Watching people celebrate Valentine’s Day after a breakup can be hard. But this moody meets angry playlist will be with you through it all. While Tegan and Sara have been releasing breakup classics since the 1990s (and could fill an entire playlist on their own), we’ve included some lesser known heartbreak hits such as “Other People” by LP and “New Years Eve” by Mal Blum. Listen to Break Up Babes here.

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