How to Make Your Own Drinking Board Game

A boozy spin on the classic Monopoly game you love. Download the files below, print, and have (safe and responsible) fun.


Place the game board in the center. Shuffle the cards marked “Peer Pressure” and “Wasted” and place them on the corresponding spaces on the board. Next, Each player needs a token to mark their spot. This can be anything from an old game piece to a slip of paper with each person’s name on it. Place each token on START.


Which player is the most responsible with the cash? This player will act as the “Banker,” starting with all the money. The Banker gives each player $1500 to start. Finally, each person rolls the dice. The player with the highest number goes first.


Player 1 will roll the 2 dice and move the number of spaces around the board clockwise. Follow the instructions for each space you land on:

Choose to Buy Alcohol: Buying alcohol should be an easy step for you. If you land on an unowned alcohol space, you have the option to buy it. Pay the amount of money located on the space to the Banker.

Landing on Owned Alcohol: This is where the alcohol consumption comes into play. If you land on an alcohol space that is already owned by another player, take a drink and pay the owner the dollar amount listed on the space.

Specialty Space: If you land on a non-property space, it is one of the 11 specialty spaces. These do not have a price tag. See the full list at the Specialty Spaces list below.

Tip: Feel free to take a shot for fun if you’re still feeling sober.

Once the player’s turn is over, pass the dice to the next player and repeat the process. This should be an easy step, even after the vodka.


Once a player runs out of money, they are out. All their property and remaining wealth are surrendered to the player whose space they landed on. The game ends when all but one player has been eliminated. Good luck!


Go to the bar: Grab a drink and a timer. Chug for 9 seconds before placing your token at the “bar” space. Lose your next turn.

Bar: You got off easy this time. This space requires you to take a drink, nothing more. Pass the dice to the next person.

DD: Lucky you, designated driver gets the fun task: not drinking. The DD is a free space where nothing happens. Pass your dice to the next person.

Wasted: If you land on the wasted space, pick up a wasted card and reap all of the benefits (i.e. steal a person’s alcohol type, make someone drink, etc.).

Peer Pressure: Hopefully you haven’t made any enemies with the game board universe tonight. Pick up a card and complete the dare on it. If you complete the dare, you win the money indicated on the card. If you fail, you pay the Banker.

All designs were made by Megan Bohall.

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