Pretty Pastels to Enhance Your Spring Wardrobe

Photo by Emily Larson

Popular pastel colors include lavender, periwinkle, pale yellow, and blush pink. These whimsical shades are the perfect edition to your closet for spring. When people think spring, florals are sure to come to mind. This season, pastels will, too. Pastels AND floral? Now that’s the dream team. Everyone should have at least a couple of these pieces in their closet.

The key is using the lighter pastels to your advantage. You can make the outfit happy by wearing pale yellow with jeans or even overalls and a daisy choker.

Pairing a fiercely pink leather jacket with a floral romper and black booties will make you into a daring diva.

A graphic tee in the lovely shade of periwinkle will make Mondays more comfortable and cute.

Lavender and lace go together like the moon and stars—they complement one another. This seemingly sweet combination is best juxtaposed with ripped gray jeans exposing black fishnets.

A dress is the perfect staple for when the sun starts to peek out again. A simple black-and-white striped dress with a pink jacket will leave you feeling at ease and still put together.

Sometimes pastels can be mistaken as a feminine shade, but that could not be further from the truth. For anyone with piercing blue eyes, a periwinkle button-down is the perfect fit.

If you have chestnut or hazel eyes, wearing a pale yellow top will really make them pop.

For those of you with green eyes, lavender is definitely the direction to go. Purple and green are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, and this makes the pigments vibrant.

As far as pale pink goes, any eye hue will look great against it—it’s skin tone you have to watch out for. If you have a fair complexion, you should watch out because the dusty pink could wash you out.

No matter your eye color, skin shade or gender, pastels are a must for your closet this season. Keep an eye on the shelves for the pastel pieces that suit your style.

Photos by Emily Larson