Glam Up with Glitter Body Art

Glitter, unicorns, and sparkles, oh my! The millennials have upped their stakes in the glitter game. Back in the 90s, glitter came in every form: tubes, lipstick, spray bottles, and even jars. Now, celebrities and young adults are embracing this blast from the past and taking parties by storm—covered head to toe in glitter. Companies like Sephora and NYX Cosmetics have given into the craze and now carry primers, eyeshadow, and body paint to let everyone show their sparkly personalities through bright makeup.

Body glitter transcends the limits of sparkly eyeshadow—it lets any part of the body become a canvas. Want to sparkle on outside as well as the inside? Go for it! Apply glitter to your roots for an everyday look with a dash of sass—and plenty of shimmer.

Specifically, glitter tattoos, spotted at music festivals like Coachella or Lollapalooza, are on the rise for parties, parades, and celebrations. Glitter Ink Body Art in Minneapolis specializes in glitter tattoos, which typically last 3 to 7 days, as well as body art.

Jen Rotty, the store’s owner, has been a makeup artist for years and didn’t realize glitter could be a business until she researched it. “I incorporated glitter into the makeup and body paint designs,” she says.

Rotty has used her glitter skills in multiple places such as for concerts, drag shows, fashion shows, competitive dances, fairs, and festivals. She was amazed at the reception her work received. “Kesha has made glitter very popular,” Rotty says. The shop is now going on its fifth year providing the Twin Cities’ Pride Festival goers with glitzy works of art.

The substance that Rotty uses for all of her tattoos is dermatologically tested and safe. We use a waterproof body glue that can stay on the skin for up to seven days,” Rotty says. Removing and adding this substance isn’t too hard. It comes off quickly with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

And even if you don’t get it all off—which, let’s face it, you won’t because glitter is like sand after a day at the beach—it can be a reminder of all the sparkly times you’ve had.