Eco-Friendly Fashion

Fashion has quickly become one of the largest growing industries across the world. However, with this expansion, certain precautions have been overlooked. According to the Sustainable Fashion Academy’s Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel, the industry has put insurmountable pressure on our environment with the rapidly growing market of “throwaway fashion.”

Certain brands have emerged to change the industry for good by using non-toxic dyes and biodegradable fabrics and stopping the use of sweatshops.

People Tree

When everyone’s best friend Emma Watson vouches for a brand, you know it’s the real deal. Safia Minney thought of a way to bring her love for fashion and the environment together when she designed her eco-friendly fashion line. For her line “Minney,” she explores a variety of different eco-conscious practices, including zero-waste, environmentally friendly fibers and local production, as well as Fair Trade agreement for workers.

H&M Conscious Collection

Environmentally conscious garments often cost a little extra. Good news: H&M is staying true to their affordable fashion philosophy and bringing wallet-friendly options to the table.


This Aussie originated, London-based line has a philosophy of designing timeless fashion items—for both men and women—while caring for the environment. The brand uses sustainable fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo, which are eco-friendly and cohesive. BrainTree also abides by the rules of the international Labour Organization in order to provide livable wages to their workers and end the use of sweatshops.

The Great Beyond

No list of green clothing brands is complete without mentioning the Australian brand “The Great Beyond.” Using sustainable fabrics and luxurious designs, the brand wishes to complement the modern woman and the environment. The company also uses bamboo textile in all their clothing, which is 100 percent biodegradable.