Beauty Around the World

Across the world, beauty can be expressed in many different ways. A lead beauty advisor at Ulta, Abby Eller explains the basics of international makeup products and gives tips on which makeup trends to try out today.

Great Britain

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are dominating the market right now. The British prefer to leave most of the face clear and natural while accentuating the lips with a dark pop of color, a style that has quickly spread across the world. Brits prefer a full, more matte look, generally in a dark berry shade, such as maroon or red. If you want to experiment with this trend, Eller says your best bet for lipstick is going to be from Britain.

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France is best known for its foundations and skincare products. The French put focus on natural beauty by creating products that are healthy for your skin and accentuate your natural features. Because of this, the foundations tend to be lighter in consistency, more buildable, and have a less-cakey appearance. Eller says that to know what product is best for you, pay attention to your skin type. If your skin tends to be greasy, go for a matte foundation, while those with dry skin should go for a moisturizing product.  Eller says that her favorite French foundation is L’Oreal Pro-Matte because it adds luminosity without making her skin oily.

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South Korea

South Korea has long been the makeup innovator of the world. Many makeup and beauty trends originate from this area of the world, and when it comes to skin care products, such as BB creams and moisturizers, South Korea is the dominant force. Tony Moly, a Korean skincare line, is Eller’s favorite skincare brand from South Korea. “I like their facial masks,” she says. “They target different things, so there are some for anti-aging, and the masks that you leave on have different qualities than just a peel-off mask.” Eller also says that Korea is the best place to find many products associated with the recent skin hydration trend. From skin finishers to water-thin textures and hydrating mists, these products will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

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